Lightwise Wellbeing offers a variety of workshops, each tailored to achieve a specific end-result. These workshops have been developed by Yvette de Villiers (PhD Metaphysical Philosophy) over a period of 11 years, involving extensive research and refinement.

Why Workshops?
In order to access the limiting paradigms buried deeply in our subconscious minds since early childhood, we need a delicate and specialised process. Such a process cannot be rushed and needs to be executed in a skilled and comforting way that allows the participant to feel safe enough to release limiting and destructive behaviour patterns. These will be replaced with new and beneficial ways of interpreting and responding to whatever circumstances the participant encounters going forward.
A skillset is taught and then refined in follow-up individual sessions until each participant is confident in their ability to meet and successfully overcome any challenge that comes their way. For further information, please contact Yvette de Villiers on 082 868 5674.

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