I have had the privilege of being treated by Yvette for the past 5 years. I was particularly ill when I first met her with a condition that left me with involuntary muscle spasms and reflexes. I had qualified as a doctor, then specialized in the field of Haematology Pathology, had two children and was embarking on a PhD in HIV/AIDS research. Therefore, my background was purely western medicine and science. It was difficult for me to quantify the effect Yvette’s form of therapy was having on me. Nevertheless I could not deny the fact that my muscle spasms and reflexes were subsiding during the days between my sessions.  I have since grown in energy physically and emotionally and attribute this to Yvette and her special healing ability. My capacity has grown beyond what I ever believed possible - I am currently working full-time as a Senior Specialist at an Academic Hospital in Cape Town and have established a research group which trains scientists and doctors in the field of HIV and the immune system.

Without the regular sessions and input from Yvette, I would not be coping with the stresses of my daily life. I have shifted my emotional responses to stress through her guidance and find myself truly understanding what it means to be grounded, renewed and spiritually connected.
Dr. Hayley Ipp
Haematology Pathologist
(MBChB,  FCPath Haem (SA))
I have worked together with Yvette for several years now. I completed the Butterfly Effect Workshop as well as the Advanced Workshop. Both significantly shifted me in many areas of my life. I loved the work, as it was practical and simple, no drama. The processes were easy to digest and had a very positive impact. Further to this, my one to one work with Yvette has kept me grounded and supported through some very stressful and difficult times. Her constant guidance and incredible wisdom have been invaluable support. I have also been amazed at how she is able to work at all levels - I have witnessed my teenage daughter shifting significantly since beginning her journey with Yvette and I’ve been so excited to see the impact that it has had on her life too.
I feel really blessed that I was led to Yvette – her selfless love and commitment to her clients and her personal work is incredible. I have never met anyone as dedicated to her life’s work, as Yvette  - I’m honoured and privileged to be able to work with her.
Phryne Williams
Director – Capital Assignments
I have never encountered anyone like Cristina. I have worked with many healers of different disciplines, but no one has touched my life and heart quite like she has. I have always been guarded when going into a session with someone new, but my initial interaction with Cristina was like coming home. From the second she started working with me, I felt safe, calm and secure. Her nurturing, maternal energy is all encompassing and has allowed me to work in an entirely new way, through some of the hardest years of my life. There are few people you are able to connect with in such a complete way and when you find them, it is always hard to describe in words just how important they are to you. The only way I can describe Cristina is as my soul mother – she is a healer, a teacher, a confidant, and a friend. I cannot find the right words to describe how grateful I am to have found her other than blessed.
Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and three years later I was told that I also had the symptoms of Fibromyalgia – It was difficult for me to move – walking around a supermarket was painful and stressful – Shopping malls were a nightmare – My husband was helping me out of bed, up and down the stairs and was doing everything for me. I was taking anti-inflammatories and cortisone injections and my world was becoming more and more limited. I was attending bio kinetics sessions because I had lost a lot of muscle tone and expressed to my trainer that I was feeling very low – she suggested that I go and see Yvette.

From my first session with Yvette onwards my life changed – Two of the first things she suggested is that I stopped taking my laptop home once a week and started to read fiction before I went to sleep at night – Yvette gives spiritual and practical guidance which has helped me enormously. I stopped taking anti-inflammatories within 3 months of starting to see Yvette and I don’t have cortisone injections at all – and rarely think about having arthritis or fibromyalgia anymore. Yvette emphasized to me that it was a process… Wow… what a process – Interesting, thought provoking and enlightening. I have done both the Butterfly Effect and Advanced Workshop and feel that I have learnt and benefited beyond expectation. I cannot thank Yvette enough for her counselling and her confidence that her process will work… Her confidence gave me confidence. She has helped me to the point that I have 100% trust in her guidance and follow it to the T! I have recently been promoted and am relocating to East London and with Yvette’s teachings I have the confidence that I will be OK.
Nadine Berrecloth-Mostert
I have been a client of Yvette de Villiers for almost 3 years. I have gained a great deal from working with her personally as well as professionally. Personally I have grown to be a much stronger person with clearer direction in life. Professionally I have started to use the principles she has taught me to positively and greatly influence my direct and indirect business environment.
When I think of her the words that come to mind are empathy, patience, perseverance, trustworthiness, professionalism and a massively positive attitude towards people and life.
I highly recommend her to any person seeking help, whether it is in a personal or business capacity.
Matthew Slabber
Corporate Development Coach
It was at a young age that my father taught me to always return something ‘borrowed’ in a better condition than what I received it in, when giving it back to its rightful owner. This simple concept triggered my insatiable desire of self analysis and correction, because if my soul is on loan to me this lifetime, then best I give it back in a better condition than what I got it in!
A long and tumultuous journey began where I read more ‘ self-help’ books than what I would like to admit to, I signed up for numerous courses, I studied Kabbalah, I saw healers, and so on and so on... All of these always got me to a point of knowing I had issues and knowing I could be more than what I was - but always left me there, in no man’s land.
I recently did “ The Butterfly Effect’ workshop with Yvette de Villiers and I can say with complete confidence that this is by far the most constructive and well designed course I have ever done. A profound process that digs deeper and deeper, layer by layer. But here is the thing, where this course is like no other: Once you have identified what you need to, you are then taught how to physically collapse these self-restricting beliefs. A methodology that you go home with and use over and over again, as it is after all a never-ending journey.
Yvette and her team are authentic and the process is devoid of ‘showmanship’. It is personal, it is powerful and one which will serve anybody no matter where along the road they are of wanting change, wanting more or wanting clarity.
I would like to think that our lives expand in proportion to our courage. So, I am more than ever committed to continue on this crusade, seeking out my challenges and obstacles. But what makes all the difference is that I now know that I am in very good hands and being held through this process we call life. Bring it on!
Lesley Masters
Woollsaxe Design Company
I am privileged to identify myself as a patient of Cristina. She is kind, soft spoken and wise. With her sympathetic and dedicated attitude, I feel I can trust her completely. As a matter of fact, I always fall asleep when she works with me! There is no rush and I look forward to every appointment because I feel revitalized as well as thankful for people like her who can assist in healing mind and body. And don’t we all need that…?
An admiring patient from Stellenbosch
Yvette is a gifted healer and spiritual counsellor, and walks her path with great integrity. She has played a significant role in my own spiritual journey and development as a metaphysical healer.
I saw Yvette over a two-year period when I was going through a big transition in my life, processing relationship trauma and adjusting to the demands of single parenthood. The metaphysical healing process with Yvette was life-changing. The bodywork helped me to release a lot of negative emotion and stress and to start working more consciously with my energy system.  The metaphysical counselling process was equally profound. It gave me a new perspective, allowing me to shift from being in a victim space to a place where I could deal with challenges in a different way and take responsibility for creating wellbeing. I went on to train as a metaphysical healer with Yvette and have never looked back.
Heather Linn
Metaphysical Practitioner and Healer
Loved the workshop - can't wait for the next one... Am still reeling from how "stuff" was identified. Had the best day yesterday that I have had in years! Must also say that I think your Swiss co-facilitator (Cristina Krebs) must be a clairvoyant - she read me spot on, picked up on my issues and hopes etc... I was amazed! See you soon and a huge THANK YOU.
Marianne Lancefield
Hi Wanda, dankie vir die Butterfly Effect kursus, dit was great. Het dit baie geniet. Dit was so bevrydend om te kan sê watter dinge in die pad staan van my droom en daaraan erkenning te kon gee. Kon dadelik identifiseer waarmee ek kan begin werk en dit is naamlik om meer inligting in te win (wat die vereistes / kriteria gaan wees om dit te kan doen. Ek weet Mark Shuttleworth moes leer Russies praat. Sal kyk...
Amelia v Zyl

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