What is Pressure Touch Therapy?
Pressure Point Touch is a simple form of tension release therapy, expertly used by our well trained practitioners to release the inner stresses and recently blocked energy flow that most of us don’t even realise we are suffering from.
Our daily stresses and apprehensions have a tendency to get stored in our muscular system without us even realising that it is happening. We carry our emotions in our bodies and if not released regularly, our muscles become hard and heavy with unresolved energy (causing headaches, insomnia, digestive problems and emotional instability, to name a few) that just remains inside of us, weighing us down and draining away our life-force, enthusiasm and joy.
The benefits are immediate. After a 45-minute session you will feel rested, rejuvenated, energized and stronger, having received a “lift” that could only really be understood once experienced.
Cristina Krebs
082 975 0406
Wanda Potgieter
082 389 9287
Sarita Verster
082 475 8345

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