What is a Metaphysical Process?


At Lightwise Wellbeing, we have developed a metaphysical process based on the most advanced healing and releasing methods available today.

Dr. Yvette de Villiers, our founding member, has developed the process, which has been tried, tested and perfected, in her private consultancy practice over the past 11 years.

Metaphysical Progress, or Transformational Consciousness Work, initiates and guides the process of Spiritual Awakening.

This process is suitable for anyone, whether you are experiencing relationship difficulties, career blockages or personal challenges, problematic behaviour patterns and physical symptoms or illness.

A deep relief and sense of safety in the process
Broadened perspective and understanding of purpose
Increased ability to be solution-orientated and optimistic
Deeper and lasting sense of wellness
Increased ability to overcome setbacks
Improvement of overall health
Deeper understanding of the meaning of life
What to expect from a session
The work of the Metaphysical Practitioner is two-fold. Firstly, it is to determine where the client is in terms of their path of spiritual growth and learning by analysing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. Then coaching them to a place of greater understanding of how their current circumstances and/or condition have come about, based on the Spiritual growth they are trying to achieve.
Secondly, it is to examine, repair and upgrade the Energy System of the body (also called the Chakra system by many) in order to be more able to process the experiences they have. This is a non-invasive process conducted by touching the feet, as well as other key pressure points on the body while the client stays fully clothed. When a skilled practitioner starts to balance, repair and align this system, one feels the improvement almost immediately as a sense of “lightness” or relief coupled with the innate sense that you are able to better deal with and understand the challenges you are facing.
More understanding brings more clarity of purpose and a balanced and aligned Energy System, which leads to optimal functionality – in other words, a healthy body and mind
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