What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis is a gentle and deeply relaxed state of mind, where the hypnotist can guide you to achieve your goals easily and naturally. During hypnosis you are given suggestions for deep relaxation, and the focus changes from an outer experience of the world, to an inner experience of self.
Hypnosis has been described as a floaty, daydream kind of feeling – the same feeling you have just before you fall asleep, or when you are lazing at the beach, or daydreaming in a beautiful garden, or are gazing into the flames at a campfire ...
The difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is:
Hypnosis is used to achieve goals / spiritual connections / past lives etc.
Hypnotherapy is used to resolve issues, problems, trauma and blocks
Once you have attained a deep level of relaxation, a skilled hypnotist can guide you to achieve your goals and objectives:
Resolve trauma and inner conflict
Find solutions and answers
Understand and clear blocks
Achieve your goals
Boost your confidence
Spiritual Hypnosis and Past Life Regression
Learn Self Mastery – to be in control of your Mind, your Body and your Emotions.
Medical hypnosis: Pain Control, Cancer Support, High Blood Pressure and many others
Hypnosis is a powerful tool and has many benefits – this amazing modality can be used in countless ways to improve your life, levels of happiness and joy, and to reach those dreamed-of goals.
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